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I was travelling to Tallinn last fall and at the ferry I saw a young woman with stylish and a bit different scarf. That sight bothered me so long that I took my needles and yarns and designed my version of that scarf. You can use almost whatever yarn you fancy.


I used:

Sandnesgarn Kitten Mohair (color 6407) ca.65 g

Sandnesgarn Tove          (color 6426) ca.75 g


You could try any thin yarns double or thick yarns single. Chance needlesize when needed.



7 mm circulars or straight,whatever you like most


Stitch mark (not absolutely necessary but if you have one, it´s nice to use it)

Waste yarn

Tapesty needle for binding off


Finished scarf looks like big V, long side is ca. 135 cm long and one side of scarf ca. 18 cm wide.


Cast 3 sts with both yarns.

Knit 1 row.


Increasing rows:


Add 1 st to both sides of middle sts by picking the yarn between sts, twisting it and knitting it. You can mark the middle sts if you wish. Continue garter stitch and increase in every other row until the scarf is 41 cm wide and you have uneven number of sts.




Knit half of the sts, bind off the middle sts and knit to the end of row. Leave the first half of scarf waiting to  waste yarn.



Continue the straight part of the scarf as shown in pattern, with no increasing.

When the straight part is about 95 cm long, begin decreases.


  1. decrease

    :   1 row before long sts, knit the middle 2 sts tog

Knit the long sts row.


Further decreases

decrease at the middle as foll: pick 1 sts kwise, knit 2 tog, psso

Repeat decreases at every other garter sts row until you have 9 sts. Then decrease at every row until you have 1 sts left. BO.


Knit the other half of the scarf likewise.


Block the scarf so that the long sts straighten up. Wrap the scarf around you and be stylish.



Rows 1-4 and 6 are garter sts rows, row 5 is long sts row.


Long stitches

1.  row. Knit 1 , * wrap the yarn around needle twice, knit *,  repeat *.*'til end of row.

2. rows. Knit 1 ,* release both yarn overs, knit 1 *, repeat *.*'til end of row..


Double yarnovers are not knitted, they form the extralong sts. Stretch the long stitches when row is finished.


Pattern & images © 2006 Ziina


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