Kippurakärkitossut (elf-slippers)

 sizes 36-37 = S, 38-39 = (M), 40-41 = L,42-43=[XL]

 needles 5,5 - 6,5

 for size S you´ll need approx. 100 g unspun or other felting yarn.

 Cast 20(22)24[26]sts, knit stockinette for 16-18 rows.

Add 24(28)32[36]sts, knit 6-8 rows. Decrease by knitting two together on the tip of slipper,

twice on every 5th row and four times every 4th row (6 sts decreased)

Now you´re on the middle of sole.

Continue by increasing 1 sts at every 4th row 4 times and 1 sts every 5th row 2 times (6sts increased)

Knit stockinette for 6-8 rows.

Bind off 24(28)32[36]sts.

knit 16-18 rows with the rest 20(22)24[26] sts, bind off loosely.

 Your slipper should now look like in that poor picture below:
Sew the edge on top of foot, at this point you can needlefelt something to the top of slippers. Sew the heel seam. Felt the slippers in washing machine on 40-50 degrees celsius (I´m not familiar with fahrenheits;)) with other laundry (they will get hairy so don´t put you best pants with them, and some felting yarns release extra colours). Check the results and felt again if necessary. Try them on, stretch the tip of toe and fold the edge if preferred. You can felt them by hand if you want, washing machine felting is exiting and the results may vary. Usually felting yarns felt ca. 30% so you´ll have to make 30% bigger slippers than the foot they´re for. Make a test felting if you´re unsure.

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